Monday, 4 November 2019

Causes of Casreism in India

There are many reasons for casteism in India, mainly inter-cast marriage,Know about the first cause,
Marital ban:-  Caste is a practice of intermarriage under marital restriction. According to this practice, the people of India believe that it is the form of people to marry people of their own caste.
Promoting Ethnic Status - The desire to elevate the caste status in the society and upgrade the status of caste in the system of social mobilization has contributed to the development of casteism.As a result, a person's thinking and outlook is done in the same way. Then he treats his caste in a similar way.
Development of traffic and information-communication resources - The development of means of transport and information-communication in India has made casteism in India nationwide. People of the same caste have reached different places in the country. And today people of different caste do not have any province.
Rather, they have all-India conferences. In which they discuss the protection of the interests of the people of their caste. And nowadays in India, letters of different castes have been taken out and organizations have started forming according to them. Which are widely emphasized to promote. Some organizations formed the basis of castes, which Rudolf and Rudolf named the Para Committee.
 Differentiated development of castes :- Some castes are engaged in their traditional business, which are giving them economic and political power.Caste, any of the ranked, hereditary, endogenous social groups, particularly among Hindus in India.
 Impact of Urbanization: ADVERTISEMENTS: ...
 Increase in the Means of Transport and Communication: ...
 Belief in Religious Dogmas: ...
 Social Distance
 Even today other than Brahmans can’t enter temple goddess premises. Caste system is like a Hitler fascism principle.
On the basis of ethnic status in India, government jobs were also given. Reservation has spread the poison of casteism the most. The reservation system has now been politicized in the name of protection provisions and distributive justice. Ethnic reservation has divided the people of the general and backward classes in the society. Ethnic discrimination has also worked in industrial development in India, but there is a big contribution in increasing casteism. Due to industrialization many new businesses have developed which have not been found to have any relation with any particular person. Today people of different castes are engaged in the same business and same caste people.

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