Monday, 11 November 2019

Do you know what constipation is.

Till date, as many people suffer from constipation in the country, they may be suffering from some other disease.If you speak in pure Hindi in constipation, it means there is no bowel movement at the right time. The main causes of constipation are, such as a lump in the stool, and not having a clear stomach properly, such as not having a stool regularly.

Main reasons for constipation: - Now a days, the food eaten by the people of yesterday at different times and eaten does not make the stool work properly on time, the stool which remains in the stomach after the stool is released, the stool freezes in the intestines of the stomach. Takes form and it keeps rotting. And in this way, the old remains in the stomach.

How are diseases caused by constipation:- Constipation is caused due to the heat and humidity of the intestines from the stool. They emit stinking gas or air.Many diseases like air diseases and germs are produced in this body.It is difficult to take mother-in-law with this smell, it seems that there is sewage on the way. Diseases caused by this - feeling guilty in the mind, causing laziness in the body, smelling like smell from the mouth, and feeling like fever.Constipation is a condition in the digestive system in which a person's (or animal) stool becomes very hard and has difficulty in bowel movement. Constipation is a condition of natural alteration of the stomach in which the amount of excreta is reduced, the stool becomes stiff, its frequency decreases or excessive force is used at the time of excretion.

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