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Evolution of Computers

Evolution of Computers
Necessity is the birth of new invention. The invention of the computer is a discovery made by humans for fast computing equipment.
The computer was introduced as Abacus.The abacus is a rack made of wood with two wires. The two wires are located in parallel to each other.
In 1880, the US The keyboard was invented in Which we call today the main part of computer.
Nineteenth-century Europe was the last to use business related machines and calculators. Had accumulated a good market.
Evolution of Computers
Charles Boboose, a nineteenth-century professor, is considered the father of new-age digital equipment. Bobose had to waste his time checking mathematical tables for hours. Because it was difficult to overcome the errors of human mathematical tables by being very careful and careful.
Soon they started thinking about making a machine to solve it, to solve this task easily.
He then built a "differential engine" in 1822 that could make all kinds of tables.
Each generation of computers represents a significant technological development that fundamentally changed the way computers work. With this, even smaller, cheaper, more powerful and more effective and reliable devices started being made continuously. Various stages of development of computers are being given here, due to which the existing equipment is made today and which we are using.
Evolution of Computers
Mark-I Computer (1937-1944): - This computer was known as Automatic Sequence Control Calculator. First it was Howard A. of Harvard University. It was the first fully automated calculator machine made by Aiken with the help of IBM Corporation. This machine achieved credibility all over the world. It was very complex and very shaped in design.
Evolution of Computers
Atanasaf-Berry Computer (1932 -1942): Dr. John Atanasanf built an electronic machine to solve certain mathematical equations. On the basis of the name of this machine manufacturer Atanasanf and his assistant Kilford Berry came to be called Atanasanaf Berry Computer. It used 45 vacuum TUBES for internal and storage capacitors.

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