Friday, 29 November 2019

How does skin beauty come about.

Most people have dry skin, the following is a solution, such as gram or gram flour mixed with mustard oil, a pinch of turmeric powder and a few drops of rose water, and should be made into a fine paste,After preparing this paste, it should be applied on the face and let it stay for some time. For some time, it should be removed from the hands with light hands, and after some time, wash it well with light lukewarm water.
And if the skin of the body is oily, then it should be made a paste by mixing gram flour, turmeric powder, rose water, lemon juice and sandalwood powder, then let it dry well, then after about 30 minutes, light it Should be washed with warm water.
To keep the skin clean in the body, gooseberry marmalade should be taken, it improves skin.Use one or two multani mitti every week, it keeps the skin glowy.
And after taking plain tamarind in the market, let it flourish and after getting wet, make it a paste and after applying it once or twice in a week, the color of black people also starts to clear gradually. And it is a very active division.
To clean the blood in the body, drinking carrot juice continuously throughout the month clears the blood of the body, it also improves the skin.

And before bathing in the morning, the entire body skin should be rubbed with light hands, so that the blood routine in the body runs properly, then it also cleans the skin.
And by doing this daily, due to friction in the body, the scum is cleared from the pore. And if blood circulation is stimulated internally in the skin cells, then it keeps the skin good.
And by chewing six grams of saof every morning and evening, the blood of the body starts to clear.

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