Monday, 4 November 2019

The First Generation Of Computer In the World.

ENIAC, EDVAC, and UNIVAC are important examples of first generation computers.In the language of computers there is a technology phase of new generation.The computer provides a format for progress in industry. In which both hardware and software together form a complete computer system.In 1964, the use of computers came into full use. Till date, five types of technology generation have been fully generated all over the world.
The first generation originated in the Year (1942 –1955): - In the first phase, machine language was used for storage in computers.According to the time when the first stage computer came, there was a device with a very fast calculation.When the first stage computer came, it was very large. And it needed a room to set up.

General purpose applications were created in the 1942–55 decade using machine and sign languages. It represents the first generation.
This computer used thousands of vacuum tubes. Which were very hot at that time. And when the vacuum tubes were overheated, the vacuum tubes burned.And the room in which they were kept was duly kept in a suitable environment according to the computer to make it work properly.
All tubes produced electricity for about half an hour. And about a computer used more than ten thousand vacuum tubes.
In the midst of failure, there was a need to maintain the computer continuously even while working.
In these computers, thousands of components were added separately by hand to the circuit, and their expenditure was very expensive.
The first stage computers were very difficult to program, so they were used commercially....

This was the first generation of computers and the second generation of computers in the sequel.

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