Friday, 8 November 2019

What Is Honor Killing

Reason of Honor Killing- People in society view love marriage from a wrong perspective. For this, the decree issued by the people of the panchayat against the love-marriage people is killed and they are killed.
Panchayati Raj predominantly prevails in the rural areas of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh in northern India, even today people consider marriage as big as per their own.
To avoid owner killing, the government has started taking strict steps. Several programs and street plays are being run to bring negative thinking into positive thinking.
Due to modernization, the Government of Haryana has approved the inter-caste marriage of people of Satrol and Chalisa of Satrol and Panchayat residing in Haryana. The gotra system originally originated through the eight sages. Gotra is known for respecting any one caste.
The existence of panchayats in our country is considered to be very old. The existence of Panchayati Raj from the Rigveda to the Ramayana Mahabharata period is seen today.
In London, a university called Metropolitan, in a seminar on Oner Killing, revealed the fact that people are being killed in other countries of Asia besides India for their false pride.
Apart from Pakistan, it also includes many Muslim countries. And from some discoveries in the world, there are some things that the illiterate people do not do all these things, but the educated people also participate in these killings.

Owner Killing should be seen as a social threat rather than a personal crime.
Murder is happening in society in the name of false pride :- In view of the increasing incidents of killings in the name of owner killing in the society, the government has decided to take some bold steps.According to the Indian Constitution, such incidents according to an Indian Penal Code Section 302 Falls under. And such criminal incidents are considered in the category of human slaughter.



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